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Continue safe operations with anti-slip floor graphics for indoor advertising where graphics are applied to floors such as short pile carpet, ceramic tiles, sealed wood or concrete, waxed vinyl, marble, or terrazzo. Outdoor graphics available upon request. Shipping available.

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Slip-resistant floor graphics readily available in circle, rectangle, or octagon shape. Colour options are available in red with white text, black with white text, and yellow with black text. These floor graphics are excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance. Customization of content available for all shapes and sizes upon request. Additional charges may apply for customization.


Product Pricing

Prices for quantities listed are for ‘each’ graphic. Taxes not included. Shipping available upon request. Complete pricing will be given after speaking to one of our representatives.

Circle Graphics

Size 5 Decals 10 Decals 25 Decals 50 Decals 100 Decals
12" $15.65 $14.90 $14.15 $12.35 $11.75
16" $27.50 $26.25 $23.40 $22.00 $21.50

Rectangle Graphics

Size 5 Decals 10 Decals 25 Decals 50 Decals 100 Decals
12x6" $9.95 $9.25 $7.70 $6.65 $6.00
12x18" $22.00 $20.90 $19.85 $17.90 $17.00

Octagon Graphics

Size 5 Decals 10 Decals 25 Decals 50 Decals 100 Decals
12" $17.75 $16.50 $14.75 $13.50 $12.95
16" $30.00 $28.90 $24.50 $23.00 $21.50

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    Dry Decal Application

    1. A clean surface is critical to decal application and life of the decal.
    2. Clean surface with alcohol or Windex to remove all dirt and grease.
    3. Measure and mark where decal is to be placed. Once the decal is applied it cannot be removed without stretching the decal.
    4. Place the decal, printed side down, and remove the backing sheet.
    5. Turn decal over. Hold two opposite ends of the decal and allow the center of the decal to touch the floor first. Then gently drop the opposite end of the graphic onto the floor.
    6. Squeegee entire graphic using overlapping strokes.

    The decal will require 72 hours for adhesive to fully set.

    Foot traffic can go over the decal without waiting 72 hours. Care should be taken cleaning before this time so the decal edges do not curl up.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will my graphic last?

    Graphic longevity will always depend on the amount and type of traffic (e.g. foot traffic compared to light machinery). Normally, 3 months to a maximum of a year is the expected longevity of floor graphics.

    What temperature should it be to apply my graphic?

    Too warm or too cold could cause your graphic to not adhere correctly. The ideal temperature is 10˚C is optimal, but indoor temperatures of around 20˚C will work fine.

    How should I prepare the surface before applying the graphic?

    All surfaces must be properly cleaned and fully dry before installation. Cleaning should include water with a small amount of soap.

    Can these graphics be used indoor or outdoor?

    We carry material for both indoor and outdoor use. If you require outdoor use, please let us know when discussing your product so we can provide you with the right solution.

    How can I increase the longevity of my graphic?

    Waxing the floor after installation can seal the edges and increase durability. If possible, prevent objects from being dragged or wheels being turned atop the graphic.


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    Additional information

    Circle, Rectangle, or Octagon


    5, 10, 25, 50, 100, Custom Requests Available


    Red with White Text, Black with White Text, Yellow with Black Text, or Custom Requests Available


    Circle: 12" or 16", Rectangle: 12×6" or 12×18", Octagon: 12" or 16"


    The content displayed is accurate. Customization of content available upon request.


    Available upon request. Prices vary based on location.

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